Using Datumbox API with Python and R languages

api-communityThe Datumbox API can be used by any modern computer language which enables you to generate web requests. Our Machine Learning API can easily be implemented within minutes because it uses REST and JSON technologies and because all the requests are authenticated simply by passing your API Key. To test the API all you need to do is sign-up for an account, get your API from your API Credentials page and use our API Sandbox.

Even though from our website you can download ready-to-use API clients in PHP and C#, it is not feasible to cover all the popular languages. Thankfully the Machine Learning community has already developed implementations for Datumbox API in other languages and thus we are happy to feature them in this article.

Datumbox API client written in Python

Joel Hoskin, a passionate software developer, published on Github a fully functional API client for Datumbox service. More specifically he built a special Class which can be used in any python app and detailed tests which show how to use the API.

We added a link on our API page for all of you who wish to use our service along with Python, nevertheless you can also download it directly from Github.

Using Datumbox API with R

JulianHi, an analytics enthusiast and programmer, published on his blog an article on how to perform Sentiment Analysis on Twitter by using R and Datumbox API. He provides a detailed explanation on how to get your key, call the API and combine the various functions in order to build a custom sentiment analysis tool.

You can download the source code from Github or check out the R code on his blog.


Thank you Joel and Julian for sharing your code with us! Also I would like to thank Leonardo Hermoso and Josyula Krishna for sending us their implementations written in python.

If you build a Datumbox API Client that you would like to share with the community or an interesting new Application which uses our API, send us an email or tweet and we will cover it in an upcoming blog post!

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